Social media is here to stay, in fact, in 2018 over 2.4 billion of us will have one or more social accounts


Social networking has largely affected the way people go about with their daily lives on both a personal and business level.

In business, not having a social media presence is largely considered detrimental to one’s ability to network effectively and get known about and recognised as an industry contributor.

It is widely agreed, that the job families that can benefit the most from active social media use, are those that require the individual to instigate the first contact, build relationships, instil trust and encourage wider engagement with their target audience.

This is especially true for business developers, sales executives, account managers, recruitment consultants, inside sellers or really anyone who’s client facing.

Forbes recently reported that:

74% of salespeople who beat their quota by 10% or more say they have an excellent understanding of the use of social selling for prospecting, nurturing relationships and closing deals.

In the immortal words of Alec Baldwin’s character in the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross, when speaking to an underperforming group of real estate sellers…

Oh? Have I got your attention now?

If you’re currently considering whether to invest time and resources into your online profile, then know that consumers buy from the brands they like and develop an increased sense of loyalty to – that’s because they buy on emotion and continue to develop that emotional bond to that brand over time.

Now replace the business brand with a personal brand…or rather, your personal brand.

You can ultimately create the same reaction from an audience of followers. It will also be one that is not only highly rewarding in terms of creating new business opportunities, but transferable between jobs for your entire career (if you stay true to the same industry).

Powerful stuff.

Speaking of jobs, many recruitment agencies and top employers are using social scoring sites to measure candidates on their individual social impacts and personal network value.

Employers are looking for the next generation of social selling superstars.

The influence of social media’s use in this digital age cannot be overemphasized. The majority of business professionals cannot afford to stick with the old mindset and still expect to get outstanding sales results.

Invest in building a strong social media presence and the ROI will be staggering.

Investing time in building a personal social brand, can turn you from just that salesperson whose sole purpose it is to find the next opportunity, to a trusted advisor and go-to industry mentor.

So what are you waiting for? Building a personal brand on social media doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, it requires perseverance, it needs regular audience engagement and a good deal of social listening.

For those business professionals who see the value of a strong personal brand, but who perhaps don’t have the time to invest in building it, you can always turn to the professionals for some help with the ‘heavy-lifting’.

If you want your customers to see you are really serious about the way you present yourself within your industry, and perhaps wish to become a social selling superstar, then you might want to consider making the time to take your social profile to the next level.

At Networking Clout, our mission is to support our professional business clients by taking away much of the ‘heavy-lifting’ that’s required when it comes to growing their personal social media brand and network influence.


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