Social capital is a concept used in business, that refers to the good will and positive reputation that flows to a person through his or her relationships with others in social networks.

So what’s the fuss all about?

INFLUENCE – It matters, plain and simple.

Influence and how you’re perceived in business is a major contributory factor when it comes to success.

Social Media has offered us the tools to enable more people than ever before the potential to nurture personal influence through the correct use of personal branding and influencer marketing.

It has sped up our ability to offer invaluable thoughts and opinions, to share our own user-generated grass root content and lay a foundation to become more widely recognised within our industries, as passionate and engaged subject matter experts.

Easy? That’s entirely dependent on a host of factors. For example, here’s a quick Q&A to help determine the level of social capital you may require:

Q. Are you working in a role that requires engaging directly with clients? e.g. Sales, Business Development, Recruitment, Client Partners, Business Leaders etc.

A. If you’re working in a client facing role currently, then the need to influence is far greater. Why? Because these roles are more reliant on having a strong reputation to immediately introduce trust and credibility with a client or prospect.

Q. Are you seeking a promotion within your existing role or a new position altogether with another employer? 

A. Did you know that today, for an increasing number of businesses, the process of measuring a candidates’ social capital and personal brand value via the use of employing third-party suppliers to run social scoring checks, is rapidly becoming as integral to employers as traditional pre-hire, performance and culture fit assessment?

Whether or not you work in an industry where building your online influence matters, in future you will be hired and promoted based upon your social reputation capital and personal brand strength.

Why? Because people buy from people, and there’s strong evidence to support those word-of-mouth recommendations, generate more than double the amount of sales and prospective client engagement than traditional marketing methods.

Businesses want to employ those most socially influential to positively build and represent their brand.

Therefore, having a strong personal brand is fundamentally important for those on the job hunt.

Q. Do you work within a competitive marketplace for your product or service?

A. If you work within an industry space where there’s strong competition, the need to stand out may be far greater.

Successful businesses build and channel market awareness of their service offerings via the social capital and influencer marketing status being leveraged by their employee base.

Brand awareness is grown and adopted by the mainstream business consumer psyche faster if that brands’ workforce makes a concerted effort to grow social awareness through their own independent social media actions.

I hope this has offered an insight into why we here at Networking Clout are passionate about working with individuals wishing to develop their own personal brand and social capital.


At Networking Clout, our mission is to support our professional business clients by taking away much of the ‘heavy-lifting’ that’s required when it comes to growing their personal social media brand and network influence.


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