LinkedIn Support In The Time Of COVID-19 (Part 1)

Updated: May 5, 2020

Wow...we are living through interesting times!

Here in the UK, the term 'Coronavirus' has taken centre stage over 'Brexit' as one of the most commonly discussed topics - with its ability to trigger real change in society and to our economy.

Don't worry - I have no intention of spelling it out - but, if you're reading this, and like many, you've found yourself in a less than favourable situation regarding the future of your career - I'd suggest you invest some time into building up your LinkedIn presence.

More openly - I just want to say - if you have any LinkedIn questions, if you're just not 100% sure about where to start or how to do something - call me on +44 (0)1273 567 897.

There will be no charge or up-sell - we're all in this together, and until our situation in the UK changes (let's hope soon), I'm just happy to help get you to where you need to be on LinkedIn.

That said, here are some short-term areas that you can focus on:

Your LinkedIn Profile

It's reported that 93% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting, making it the best platform for launching your next career move.

However, only around 50% of people have a completed LinkedIn profile. If you're feeling that you may be one of them, let's fix that.

STEP 1. (Foundation) - Add a profile photo (headshot only - professional pic)

By professional pic I'm saying - please avoid the temptation to add a photo of yourself out with your mates, holiday snaps, wedding photos, swimming with dolphins - you get the picture, I've seen some absolute shockers, so my advice to you is, just don't...

Dress appropriately - that is to say, aim to match the level of formality that exists within your business.

PRO TIP - If you're thinking that the example photo here is professionally taken, you're right - but, smartphones now, especially the newer iPhone models (7 Plus and beyond) can produce some really excellent results if you use the PORTRAIT mode, which gives a nice depth of field - you can also crop and edit images taken within most smartphone photo albums.

- Write an engaging summary about yourself - tell your personal story (remember, your summary is one of the first things people will read).