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Helpful Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn SSI Score!

Updated: May 5, 2020

What's LinkedIn SSI?

SSI stands for Social Selling Index, and it's a score that's measured up to a top score of 100.

What value does an SSI score have?

LinkedIn has over 600 million users and is the world's largest professional business network. Using the platform regularly and effectively is well known to have a positive impact on personal brand development and other sales activities, therefore, having access to meaningful insights into how well you're performing and areas that may need further development, is incredibly useful!

Looking for a new job? Don't be surprised if you're asked to provide your LinkedIn SSI score. More businesses than ever are recognising the value of employees with strong LinkedIn networks who are actively making the effort to raise their personal brands above that of their peers. Today, an SSI score is more frequently being used as a pre-requisite to promotion and hiring.


What makes up your SSI score?

There are 4 KEY FACTORS within the LinkedIn algorithm that can lead to an increase or decrease in your score.

According to LinkedIn, here's what you can do to increase your SSI score:

1. Establish your professional brand

Complete your profile with the customer in mind. Become a thought-leader by publishing meaningful posts.

2. Find the right people

Identify and make new connections to grow your personal network and with it your sphere of influence.

3. Engage with insights

Discover, comment and share conversation-worthy updates to create and grow relationships.

4. Build relationships

Strengthen your network by connecting and establishing trust with decision-makers.

Frequency of LinkedIn activity is another key factor to improving your SSI score - regular, daily activity compared to infrequent usage, will fast-track your ability to grow and maintain your score.

Where can you find your LinkedIn SSI score?

What's the AVERAGE LinkedIn SSI score?

For your average LinkedIn muggle, a score of circa 55-60 is the norm - but, just follow the steps above and start to notice your score skyrocket!


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