By Nick Davenport, CEO & Founder, Networking Clout

I don’t really ‘do’ social media, I’ve got a LinkedIn profile though…

How important is it to keep and maintain a social media presence? Do you need a personal brand and, if not, will it affect your work and career prospects?

Had the question been asked some years prior, the answer would, of course, have been NO.

Turn the clocks back and social media was still then in its infancy. Naturally, many were quick to recognise it’s business applications early on, leading to exponential annual growth in users.

Due to this substantial increase, social media accounts currently number somewhere around 2.5 billion…yes, billion, across personal and business-focused social platforms. 

Therefore, with the numbers of new users skyrocketing, the need to stand out and maintain a healthy online social stature has never been greater.

More employers are measuring social scoring than ever before as part of the hiring process.

My background is in recruitment, RPO to be exact. I’ve been particularly lucky enough to work for two of the leading international providers of Human Capital Management services, Kenexa and IBM.

During that time, I’ve learnt what ‘good’ looks like when it comes to hiring, developing and engaging employees within market leading organisations.

And I know that as you read this, your personal social influence can be easily measured by employers via online social scoring sites like Reppify, Klout, Kred and against the LinkedIn (SSI – Social Scoring Index).

Today, this process of checking is rapidly becoming as integral to companies as both traditional pre-hire, performance and culture fit assessment. Whether or not you work in an industry where building your online influence matters, in future you will be hired and promoted based upon your social reputation capital and personal brand strength. 

So, here’s my top 5 tips to get you standing out better:

Focus on LinkedIn & Twitter primarily.
Make your profiles as complete as possible. There are night-and-day differences between ‘usual’ and ‘optimised’ when it comes to LinkedIn profiles in particular.
Share relevant and engaging content (bespoke and/or third party) for your industry connections – do this REGULARLY. Technology can help but there’s really no shortcuts.
Keep building your network of connections, don’t accept all invitations, only connect with those who share common interests and are of business significance. Do this little and often.
Try to maintain dialogue and invest in building personal relationships with each of your connections as much as possible, rather than just connecting and forgetting about them.

Remember – Building a personal social media brand and getting more widely recognised, is a result of how much time you can invest. Some people live out their lives on social media and they are therefore known for that. However, for the majority of us, investing even a small amount of time each day in your social media and using the tips above, will start to make incremental improvements to your social score.

At Networking Clout, our mission is to support our professional business clients by taking away much of the ‘heavy-lifting’ that’s required when it comes to growing their personal social media brand and network influence.


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