As a business professional, would you ever hand a potential client a scruffy business card? Nope.

If you were applying for a job, would you knowingly offer a prospective employer an unfinished CV? No way.

The same can be said of your LinkedIn profile, in many instances, your profile has been viewed and assumptions have been made about you and/or the organisation that you represent, without your even realising.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network and if your profile is not ‘up to par’ and you’re still appearing in profile searches – you could be losing out on industry credibility, career prospects, client opportunities and sales leads.


Fear not, help is at hand. Let our experts take a look at your LinkedIn Profile and give you some meaningful feedback on how you can make changes to key areas to make your profile really stand out and get you noticed.

After all, first impressions count!


At Networking Clout, our mission is to support our professional business clients by taking away much of the ‘heavy-lifting’ that’s required when it comes to growing their personal social media brand and network influence.

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