Friends and ex-colleagues still ask me,


"Why build a business around LinkedIn?"


I explain that it's because LinkedIn is the single most powerful (free) business development and networking tool in existence.


Of course - like many - they've 'dabbled' in LinkedIn, they've got a basic profile and they drop in every so often. The more people I spoke to, the more I heard a similar story.


Personally, I'd used LinkedIn throughout my career for finding opportunities - and it's really paid off - as you might have gathered, I'm a fan.

Whilst working within some of the largest companies in the world, I showed colleagues and clients how, by using a little effort on LinkedIn, they could build their own winning formula.

Long story short, years of research and trial and error have led me to this point - to offer tried and tested LinkedIn Solutions to the general public, that address the two biggest challenges that most people and businesses face on LinkedIn 1. Lack of strategy 2. Not enough time in the day to do what's necessary to achieve LinkedIn success.

When it comes to LinkedIn, my team of experts and I are here to help you.

Nick Davenport

CEO & Founder, Networking Clout



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