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Why build a personal brand?

  • It gets you higher-paid, more enjoyable work
  • You engage with more people…
  • More prospective clients and employers
  • Unlimited networking opportunities
  • You take control of your professional story

Personal Branding... What's so special about that?

Personal Branding... What's so special about that?

influencer marketing
influencer marketing

Remember life before social media?

It doesn’t really matter, because those days are gone.

Today, personal branding through social media is essential for business professionals.

Every social media post should say who you are and what you stand for.

It’s a 24-hour billboard connecting you with existing customers, new clients, stakeholders, employees and future employers.

We’re experts at personal brand building. We can help you to:


  • Find an authentically honest, influential social media voice.
  • Become the go-to authority for engaging content and industry expertise.
  • Build rapport with people that matter.

You’ll have full control.

Our experts meticulously research relevant content, build your followers and help keep them engaged.

We save you time and hassle, taking on the heavy-lifting while you get on with your life.

Here’s how it works.

Getting to Know You.

It’s about what’s right for you. We’ll work together, designing a strategy that gets you maximum exposure with influencers connected to your industry.

Optimising Your Social Profiles.

Your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles will be re-written by a professional SEO copywriter. Your profiles will become visible, persuasive, and fully optimised for relevant keywords.

Content Curation.

Individually researched, engaging content will be scheduled for you daily. It will be industry-specific, knowledgeable and attractive to your audience.

Custom Social Page.

We create your own personal ‘thought leadership’ webpage to additionally keep all your social posts in one unique online blog. This includes your bio/cv along with shareable social/website and contact information.

Customised Social Broadcasting.

Via our unique technology platform, content posts are embedded into a custom blog format using quotable sections of the original article along with engaging comments from our copywriting team.

Social Connections.

Every day, we’ll send relevant connection requests on LinkedIn and Twitter. This will organically grow your social influence with industry peers, prospective clients and future employers.


Social Etiquette Management.

Personal engagement is important. We’ll welcome new connections, thank them for liking content and encourage their participation in the relationship.

PDF Infographic.

personal branding

The service in numbers.

The service in numbers.

  2 professionally written social profiles                     (Linkedin & Twitter)

  Up to 21 industry-specific content posts per           week (Flexible)

  1-2 originally written thought leadership                  articles per month (up to 400 words) (Flexible)

  2 social sites posted to (LinkedIn & Twitter)

  Up to 8 industry, LinkedIn groups posted to           per week (Flexible)

  Up to 10 new LinkedIn connection requests           sent per day (Fliexible)

  1 personal website/blog page + embedded             social dashboard

  2 designed content footers per month

  1 dedicated account manager/point of contact

£399 per month

(Service based on a minimum 3-month usage)

professionally written social profiles (Linkedin & Twitter)

Up to 21 industry-specific content posts per week (Flexible)

1-2 originally written article per month (up to 400 words) (Flexible)

2 social sites posted to (LinkedIn & Twitter)

Up to 8 industry, LinkedIn groups posted to per week (Flexible)

Up to 10 new LinkedIn connection requests sent per day (Flexible)

1 personal website/blog page + embedded social dashboard

2 designed content footers per month

1 dedicated account manager/point of contact

£399 per month

(Service based on a minimum 3-month usage)

Our service is flexible and is built specifically around you, your industry and your particular preferences.

You're in good hands. We've worked with clients from

Call us today on +44 (0)1273 567 897

Call us today on

+44 (0)1273 567 897

Questions but no time to chat?

3 Reasons to follow-us on YouTube

1. Getting personal branding right isn’t always easy, that’s why we’ve put together a YouTube channel to regularly post quick and easy-to-follow video tips on how to organically grow social influence.

2.  We often run promotions exclusively for our followers, don’t miss out!

3. Hear more from our social media guest speakers, experts and friends. All advice is impartial and there to help you.


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